What If...

This afternoon I had Spencer. I was in the basement transferring some clothes from the washer to the dryer. Now, this is normally an elementary task. But having this 18-pounder on my hip complicates an otherwise easy task. So I'm standing with him when I begin to take them from the top-loading washer, but then I squat and balance him on my knee while actually putting the clothes into the lower front-loading dryer. We got a little rhythm going and then he did one of those sudden jerks that little 7 month olds who are beginning to sense their strength do. His head went straight for the cinderblock wall. Praise the Lord my reflexes snatched him back from the wall. He never knew that any danger had even come near him. It didn't even startle him to make him cry.

But I thought, what if his head had smacked that wall. At the very least it may have scarred him. I don't even want to think of any worse scenarios. But it makes me think about how many things could be different in our lives were it not for the grace of God. What if stupid act had eventuated in what so many others have suffered for wreckless seed sewn? What if I had actually married that person who I knew was no good for me when I got with her? What if? What if? What if?

And that's only thinking on the past! What of the future? I am being "courted" to do ministry by two pastors in two major cities. But I have a charge here in Chester. What if I turn both of them down and Chester never takes off like I hope and pray it will? What if I take one or the other charge and they never turn out as the pastors anticipate? I know they say they prayed about it? But what if they heard God wrong? What if I go to either one of these cities and I can't afford the housing with Evelyn wanting to stay home from work? What if I can't sell the house here? What if Macedonia is on the brink of breaking the growth barrier and I'm really the right person for the moment right here? What if?

I'm just thankful that the same God who kept Spencer's head from hitting the cinderblock wall in my basement is the Alpha and the Omega. He saw that past event and was faithful. There's absolutely no reason for me to believe that He doesn't see my future. He'll help me make the right choices. Lord help me to hear Your voice!

Praying for Ernie Saunders and Richard Hughes today.


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