July 10 Worship Service

Our God is so wonderful! And we note that He is wonderful not just because of what He does for us, but just because of who He is. Yesterday I said to my congregation, God does what He does because He is who He is. His blessings flow out of His being.

The Sisters sang beautifully. We had six at rehearsal on Friday night. I knew Suzette wasn't going to be able to make it because she had to work in the ER at Abington. But early Saturday morning Jeannine called and said that Emmanuel had had two asthma attacks. She had him at the hospital as the message was being left. So we were down to four.

We were committed to trying to start service on time. We were still four minutes off, but we did a lot better than we had. And a special word of commendation to Dee Samuels and Kristle Gilford who were in place at 10:58 ready to start praise and worship. Troy got there late, but he did come. [We had not been able to reach each other by telephone in his transition from Norristown to Dover all week.] So, I ended up playing for Praise and Worship.

But the Lord blessed. Amanda, Johnna and Zerada got baptized and we had a beautiful Communion service. Then I had the wonderful opportunity of going over to the Davis' home for Sabbath lunch. No doubt, Sis. Davis had a spred. Even though when asked what they were having she said, "Oh, a little this and a little of that." It was a feast fit for a king. That sista can cook!!! McIntosh Thervil and his sisters Ennuka (13) and Kwennika (12) were both there as well. I enjoyed their fellowship.

Then we shot back to the church for a business meeting. We had to select delegates to the upcoming September 2000 Constituency Session. We selected Macky McMillan, Greg Gilford, José Wagner, Rosalind Blalock and Dione Jones. Wasn't a large group, but good spirited folk who came to the meeting.

And now we prepare for the regularly scheduled board meeting at 10 am...


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