Criticism Not Welcomed Here 03

But beyond dealing with the fact that we will never achieve the heights of our potential without being open to constructive criticism, this text seems to point to the reality that there are many who profess to speak for God who in reality, have not spoken to God the first. They don't know what God has to say because they come to their task with a thesis in hand. They come knowing what they want and are determined to make God say what they want.

Did you know that God sometimes says, "No"? Did you know that God doesn't always want you to have the newest and the shiniest thing out there? I am concerned that there are so many folk speaking on behalf of and in the name of God who will have you think that whatever you want, you can have IN JESUS' NAME. I thank God for Jehoshaphat who was honest enough to say, "Sounds like a good enough plan to me, but let's see what God's got to say first." (By the way, that's a good piece of advice for ya -- somebody's got something they know you're supposed to do. You ain't got to argue and fuss and fight. Just tell them you're game if God says play.)

I dated a young lady who said that to me one time. She told me that she had prayed about our relationship being longterm and she knew that we were supposed to be together. And I told her, I don't have any problem with what God told you. I ain't in that. But I'm just gonna wait for God to tell me the same thing too.

All of us have plans. All of us have wants and desires. That's not all bad. But there's only one who is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. There's only One who can see the consequences of your today action tomorrow. And He loves you so much that He'll shield you from those things that would cause you harm tomorrow and when he does let painful things happen to ya, He's still somehow making you better as a result. And with that in mind, I say, let's talk to God first!


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