Criticism Not Welcomed Here 04

Just for an illustration let's take the theological perspective of the secret rapture. Many who claim to speak for God teach this doctrine as if it comes straight from the thone. Yet they ignore key texts to establish their point. And in the process they teach that which is in direct opposition to the clear teachings of the Scriptures. Many who claim to speak for God suggest that there are going to be two coming of Christ. This could not be further from the truth. The Scriptures teach that the one who is coming first is the lawless one. He's the deceiver, antichrist. Unlike that which is popularized in some movies, he is not just a political figure, but a spiritual figure with great political power. He imitates Christ insomuch that he experienced a mortal wound that was healed (like the resurrection). He has three frogs much like Christ sent out three angels with his messages.

He's a couterfeit! Yet how many people believe the fanciful interpretation over the clear teachings of the Scriptures. Ain't no secret rapture. Every eye shall see him. Nobody gonna be left riding in the passenger seat of the car while God child is taken away while going down the road at 55 miles per hour. That's not what the Scriptures teach. That's not 'thus saith the Lord.' But it sure is popular! And me talking about how we make a terrible mistake by pushing everything off into the future at some later date and not applying those prophecies that apply to us now is not popular. Shall we say the odds are something like 400:1?

But like Micaiah, as the Lord lives, I'll stick with His story. You'll be long gone. But the Word of the Lord shall stand forever.


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