Some Sisters Showed for Rehearsal

Boy! I cannot tell you how excited I was to see some of the Sisters United in Christ (a ladies ensemble at Macedonia) show up for rehearsal last night. I sent out an e-mail earlier in the week begging for them to show up. We've had a tough run this year. Traditionally, my choirs have been my strong point at Macedonia. But key people have been falling to the wayside.

But last night we had several:
Jeannine Smith Griffin
Suzette McMillan (came though she can't be there today because she works the ER at Abington)
Evelyn Fordham Goodman (came even though she had to bring Spencer)
Dee Samuels
Zerada Hossum
Kristle Gilford

And José and Pat and Dante Lamar came as well. Had a good rehearsal. We're doing a blend of Bishop Paul Morton and Martha Munizzi's renditions of "Because of Who You Are" and the late Thomas Whitfield's "Walk in the Light."


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