Bishop Thomas Weeks in Handcuffs

This is a sad sad situation.

Here's what one pastor had to write in response to the Atlanta Journal Constitution article that ran on Friday, August 24.

By Pastor Carl

Aug 24, 2007 6:36 PM | Bynums's husband released |

If we'd just notice, the situation that Bynum and Weeks face in their marriage and ministry is part of a growing litany of issues surrounding the sad, sad, state of American Christianity--particularly the African American Church. As a Pastor, I have watched, with great interest, how the Bride of Christ has fast become a Harlotrous extension of Humanity because we parade our flesh and our agenda above God's desires for true ministry rather than mess. We worship the messengers and participate in a cult of personality. We're mersmerized by the soap operas as we look voyeuristically at their sordid lives that they willingly display in the name of Jesus, but with apostacies too numerous to mention. Besides most of us don't care too much about the unbiblical ramblings of these Pulpit Pimps because to refute them requires us to get into the Word of God for ourselves--an action many of us are far to lazy to commit to.

So, we are content to go, like mindless drones, o these mega whores we call 'The Bride' while God is exposing the Harlots Heart and the pimps (both male and female) that populate pulpits all of the country. Powerful weaklings who believe their own press rather than the bibles they parade under their arms or carried by their posse of armed guards.

Watch closely as more phony pulpit marriages are exposed and ultimately crumble under the weight of the lies on which they have stood. Observe them as the clumsily closeted bones of the awfully sordid sexual misconduct that has not-so-secretly plagued many ministries, role out of the closets of those downlow preachers, bishops, prelates and other self proclaimed members of the presbytery. God is not pleased when we claim his glory as our own. The exposure of the web of lies has only just begun as we should prepare for the great falling away prophesied in Revelation. God is simply "Show[ing] the House to the House!" So even as I pray for Weeks and Bynum, I pray also that the eyes of our understand be opened so that the Harlot of Humanity might once again become the Bride of Christ.


I am Pastor Carl McRae of Exousia Lighthouse International Christian Ministries. I and my wife, Brenda who Co-Pastors with me, along with a remnant of water walkers who were tired of church as usual, stepped out of the boat of mainline'churchanity' 4 years ago to found a organism (rather than an organization)that was more interested in speaking into the lives of people in a profoundly practical way than capturing them into a programmed system dogmatic diatribes. We're located at 2562 Bond Street in Lithonia, Georgia and can be reached at 770-871-1248 I who wrote the blog that's calling upon us to look critically at whats going on in the Bride of Christ. From the tone of it, you might surmise that I'm truly sick of what's happening in churches all over America. You'd be correct!

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