Guess Who I Met at Jacksonville's Airport?

Evelyn and I were seated waiting to board our plane when a lady walked by. I was reading a newspaper and Evelyn said to me, "Isn't that Vashti McKenzie?" I looked up to see this lady walking by with a few bags. I immediately knew from her stature that she was too short to be Bishop Vashti. I said she looks more like the Congresswoman in Fahrenheit 9-11. Evelyn said, "Yeah! That's who I meant. Take your camera and see if I can get a shot with her for my website!" I was reluctant because I really didn't think it was her.

I got up and followed the lady. Feeling like the Paparazzi stalking some innocent middle-aged lady I approached her at a healthy snacks vendor in the hallway. She looked up and I asked her who she was. And sure enough, it was Congresswoman Corrine Brown of the 3rd Legislative District of Florida.

Representative Brown was very gracious. We talked about the NAACP convention in Philadelphia. She mentioned that she would soon be with the SCLC. I shared with her the that NAACP actually showed Fahrenheit 9-11 at the convention. She got excited and said, "I think we'll show it at the SCLC. That's a good idea!" Rep. Brown gave me her card and asked me for mine. I didn't have any cards on me, so she asked me to fax my information to her office.

Unfortunately, there was no time for me to go grab Evelyn because I had to walk her down to her gate where she was catching a flight for Washington, DC and it was actually time for me to board my plane for Philadelphia transferring through Atlanta.


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