The Important Things

This weekend one of my closest friends in ministry came to preach for the close of our African-American History Celebration. He is Pastor Charles Wesley Knight, pastor of the Mt. Rubidoux Seventh-day Adventist Church in Riverside, California.

First of all, the boy is an awesome preacher! He preached the message "I'm Still Here" and the Lord just came by with a special visitation. What an awesome time we shared in worship.

But beyond his preaching ability is the privilege of sharing a friendship. His wife, Stephanie, and my wife, Evelyn, are best friends. They were roommates at Oakwood College and have remained very close friends ever since. They speak to each other almost daily. Well, their closeness has created opportunities for us to develop a friendship. But it's an easy friendship. It's not like we tolerate each other for the sake of our wives' relationship. We get along really well. He's a genuine brotha.

So they decided to come early and stay late. They came in on Thursday night and left today. It was really nice. He's a sharp dresser, so we went by Boyd's on 1818 Chestnut and went out to the Last Call Nieman Marcus factory store in the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. He didn't buy anything but a couple of pairs of socks, but it was nice to look. I have long considered myself a pretty decent dresser, but this guy is way beyond me in terms of sartorial expertise! He knows dressing!

Their daughter is our goddaughter. She took a liking to my youngest son. She was like a babysitter to him helping out. He's grab her by the hand and say, "Come on" and lead her to a book or some toy. And then our eldest son (4) and their son (3 1/2) hit it off like old shipmates or something. They were singing and making up songs together with their catchy tunes and cool rhythms. (They'll have to work a few more years on some of their lyrics though!)

He and I took the children yesterday to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Ev and Stephanie had the day to themselves to just hang out. We brought the kids back. Everyone was alive. (Praise the Lord!) They left today. We had a very pleasant time with our friends.


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