Off to the Races!

Vacation is over and a new year has begun. There is no shortage of work to do either!

Got a few members to catch up with this week: Lela Williams is in the hospital. Elaine Lane just had surgery. So did Nina Munn. I did catch up with her last week, but still want to keep checkin' in with her. Mary West came back to the church yesterday and I found out that she's got cancer. She has an appoinment on the 11th of January.

Got to get together these officers for 2005. Bulletin clerk is ready to move on. So is the minister of music. As well as the church clerk. Then there are some other posts where folk need to be replaced even if they want to keep it. I won't put those names here for obvious reasons.

Want to finish this preaching calendar for 2005 for my elders.

Need to get a banner printed with our theme "Families Thrive in '05."

Gotta write some recommendation letters that are long overdue. Gotta write some liner notes for the Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir cd that is soon to be released.

Working on the sermon this week from Romans 6 entitled "DNR."

Then there's the conference stuff. Gotta pull together the camp meeting music planning committee with reps from the six areas of the conference. (We're still having camp meeting though General Conference is this year.) Gotta review some cd's that have been coming in and write back those who submitted with a yes or no.


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