Workers' Meeting

Just returned from Fall Workers' Meeting. The administration basically reviewed some important information on Insurance and some other things. They talked about sexual misconduct policies with Church Mutual. Today Michelle Brown from Adventist Risk Management came down and told us that 15 passenger vans aren't safe and that we shouldn't ever have more than 10 passengers on one at a time because it changes the center of gravity and increases the vans chances of roll over.

Elder Cheatham brought the keynote message on Sunday night. Kirk Thompson sang "The Battle is Not Yours" popularized by Yolanda Adams. On Monday, Elder Walter Pearson brought a message geared toward young preachers entitled "Quiet Storms" on Elisha's desire to be like Elijah. His point was to be satisfied with the gift that God has given you. Stop trying so hard to be like someone else that you miss out on how God uniquely uses you. Marcus Harris sang a medley of "No! Not One!" and "Tis So Sweet." On Tuesday, Elder J. Alfred Johnson II showed us the difference between the fruit of the Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Delores Ruff sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness." And this morning (Wednesday) Elder Fordham took testimonies. Ron Edmonds, Monval, Mel Greene and Delores Ruff testified. Fenelon was supposed to play his saxophone, but he got skipped in the interest of time. Mel Hayden lay prostrate and prayed for us and the four new pastoral employees to the conference. We closed that devotional session with the hymn "Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross."

Blackwell had his granddaughter up today. Jimmy had Simeon with him. And Armando and Lisa had their two children.

We talked briefly about the constituency session and Net 2004. INTERESTING DISCUSSION.


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