Spencer Got His 1st Haircut

Spencer turned 1 year old on Monday, November 22, 2004. We had decided we would cut his hair for the very first time on his birthday. You know, make a little ritual out of it, a kind of rite of passage of sorts.

The plan was to feed him so he would be happy when we decided to do it. So, after his breakfast we got to it.

I used to cut hair when I was at Pine Forge and Oakwood, so I was looking forward to giving my boy an awesome cut. Hmm. 1 year old boys don't sit still like my previous customers.

Just combing his hair was a major chore. And the truth is that that was the worst part of the process. He screamed and screamed and screamed while I combed it. (And yes! I tried to be gentle.)

Before I started to actually cut his hair, I turned on the clippers and let him touch the clippers so he could get used to the sensation of the buzzing. He put his little hand on it and pulled it back. Then he touched it again. So he wasn't afraid of it when I finally put them to his head. It was more that he wanted to see them. And you can imagine how difficult it is to try to cut while he's trying to look at the clippers that I'm trying to use cut his hair.

At one point I was cutting him with him draped over my left arm and with the clippers in my right hand. He would not let me get to the back of his head any other way.

It was a struggle, but we got it done. It's not my best work, but I think he looks decent.


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