Taliaferro's Comments on 50 Cent's "Have a Baby by Me"

I have never done this, and I probably will not do it again; but my disgust demands an outlet.

I am listening with shame, chagrin and disgust to the rapper, 50 Cent, performing his latest hit, "Have a Baby by Me, Baby; Be a Millionaire". In his song he extols the sordid and dubious value of a female acquaintance (friend? stranger?) giving birth to his seed, with the prospect of gaining money as a part of a support deal (ie, court child support?).

I am ashamed. I am ashamed that American culture has come to this, and ashamed that this Black Man would actually celebrate such an illegitimate and irresponsible activity - one that has already reaped a baleful harvest in our community. It is disgusting, revolting, repugnant. And we not only tolerate it, we even celebrate it and even endorse it by our patronage and praise.... Read More

There was a word that we once used that described this state-of-affairs: sin. Unfortunately that word has lost its true spiritual meaning and has become relegated to the context of behavior frowned upon by prudish types. But folks, what this song celebrates is sinful. And stupid.

There is another word - opprobrium - that we need to learn. And this song ought to teach it to us.


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