Close Sympathy with Christ

"If they [the members] would become co-laborers with Jesus, we shall see the light in our churches steadily burning brighter and brighter, sending forth it's rays to penetrate the darkness beyond its own borders. A close sympathy with Christ in His mission of love and mercy, would bring the workers into sympathy with one another, and there would be no disposition to cherish evils, which if indulged, are the curse of churches ...

"The jealousy and fault-finding, the heart-burnings, the envy and dissension, the strife for supremacy, would cease. The attention given to the work of saving souls would stimulate the workers themselves to greater piety and purity. There would be with them a unity of purpose, and the salvation of the soul would be felt to be of so great importance that all little differences would be lost sight of." -- Historical Sketches, p. 291


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