Privileged to be Used

The time is now 9:51. I just got home about 15 minutes ago. It has been a long, but good day.

Today we baptized two ladies: Aubrey Taliaferro and Valerie Lloyd. Aubrey brought with her several people: her grandmother, her mother, her father, Pastor Taliaferro, Deborah Crable Anderson (and her two children), and Bernard Jones and his family. Valerie Lloyd also brought along her family, and her friend Mitchell, who hass already taken his stand for baptism.

One of the great things about baptisms, is that they encourage people who have been considering baptism to go ahead and take a stand. So the relative of Valerie Lloyd took her stand for baptism. And the young lady whose 15-year-old son I buried last year also took her stand. Glory to God!

I was text messaging with Pastor Charles Wesley Knight, and he told me that five people came forward to join the church. There in Decatur, Georgia. The Holy Spirit is doing his work. Everywhere, he is welcome. The Holy Spirit is doing his work everywhere he is welcome.

I am an unworthy servant. I am privileged to be a part of God's ministry.

Tomorrow is the community services community block party. Sister Joyce mcculers and her ministry team members are leaving out with our community cookout. I am expecting great things on tomorrow. Sr. Joyce the colors is one of those ministry leaders who really puts her all into what ever she finds her hand to do.


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