Foolish Vows SHOULD Be Broken

Some of us think that we have to keep whatever vow we make. Ecclesiastes 5:4-5 does suggest that we ought to be careful about making vows. And that vows taken should be honored.

But what happens when you make a vow that the Lord is not pleased with? Should you follow through with it like Jephthah did when he vowed he would offer to God the first thing that came out of his house and his daughter ran out? Here's a quote for ya from Signs of the Times, October 26, 1888:

David had taken an oath that Nabal and his household should perish; but now he saw that it was not only wrong to make such a vow, but it would be wrong to keep it. If Herod had had the moral courage of David, no matter how humiliating it might have been, he would have retracted the oath that devoted John the Baptist's head to the ax of the executioner, that the revenge of an evil woman might be accomplished, and he would not have had upon his soul the guilt of the murder of the prophet of God.


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