Interesting Times in this Country

I'm just coming upstairs from watching the Republican National Convention. (I had recorded it on the DirecTV DVR.) I am amazed at the way people can see the same statistics from such diverse points of view. The Republicans really don't think this country is not respected around the world. They really don't believe that the economy is in shambles. I listened to former Sen. Fred Thompson talk glowingly about John McCain being a trouble maker. Thompson is out of touch. (And why in the world are we interested in hearing of our next President going out with an exotic dancer?! Is this the party of Family Values?!?)

Did you hear Laura Bush celebrate the wonderful humanitarian that Cindy McCain has become IN THE LAST EIGHT MONTHS? The last eight months?! My goodness! Can we not see that the ONLY reason this heiress has gotten into humanitarian work is because her husband is running for President?! She has had PLENTY of opportunities before now to spend her money on worthy causes if she really wanted to. But this is simply because it's politically expedient.

Then there was President George Bush pumping fear into any who would hear again. And did you hear him talk about how he has sat at the Resolute Desk and reviewed daily intelligence briefings?! If he did, what in the world happened to those memos that should have told him about 9/11?! There are some things I just don't get.

Then again, maybe the American people are actually starting to get it. I for one am hoping that the low approval rating that President George W. Bush is "enjoying" is truly an example of how he and that convention are OUT OF TOUCH with where America and the rest of the world is. We have had enough of one bottom of his class President in the current Commander-in-Chief. We don't need another one in John McCain.


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