Are Weddings No Longer Sacred?

Ceremony about to Begin
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by Sharon Hanby-Robie

This morning I noticed a small plastic bag sitting on the edge of my lawn. Despite a heavy breeze, the little bag did not blow away, but stood firmly planted as its edges fluttered in the wind. Curious about it, I walked out to take a look and discovered that it contained a small, beautiful stone. There was also a message in the bag from a local lawn care business advertising their services.

I had always considered God to be my rock. So it’s no surprise that as I held this small rock in my hand and felt it with my fingers, it reminded me more of God’s characteristics than a lawn care company’s services.

Symbols are powerful that way. Their meaning is often determined by our own personal associations with them as well as society’s associations with them. When something big or important occurs in our lives – like a marriage – symbols become especially important.

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