Trip with the Boys Today

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We’re either going to the Please Touch Museum or the Franklin Institute.

We went to the Please Touch Museum this afternoon with the boys. Spencer and Winston had a ball. I’ve never been there before, but their motto at the museum is “Where learning is children’s play.” It’s true. They’ve got a mini house with a little fake iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, washer and dryer, plants and flowers, etc. Then they’ve got a little construction site with soft bricks, soft hammers, fake nails, etc. There’s a farm with chickens and pigs and corn feed, a tractor and the like.

They had a nice story time at 2:00 pm where they children sit down on pillows and mini-chairs to listen to a story teller read some nice books to them. The reader was very good.

They have a “SEPTA” bus that the kids can drive. It was a very nice little trip.


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