It’s amazing how a virus can get around. My stomach was feeling a little funny Friday night. And it really wasn’t right all weekend long. My son Winston got sick. Even got a fever. On Sunday night I was holding him and watching his little lip quivering beyond his control. He had the chills. We were at Target and my Mom was with Ev, me and the boys.

Mom started coughing. She thought it was something under the seats of that old car. I went into the store and got her some Robitusson.

We later discovered upon getting back to the house that it wasn’t something in my car. It’s something else. Mom was feeling so bad that it kinda scared me. She was just zonked by the illness and was lying on my couch moaning in her sleep! I drove her home to make sure she got there safe ‘cause she was so bad off that she could hardly stand.

Well, guess what -- I went to a meeting this morning and one of the people there had some serious cold. Serious! I ain’t seen them for weeks. And they got the same kinda cold that my Momma and my son Winston got!

Try this one on for size -- TONIGHT at church, a member of the male chorus who doesn’t always attend every service and who I know wasn’t around either my Momma, my son or the person who was in my meeting this morning said that he’s got that same kinda cold.

How in the world does sickness get around like that!?! It’s just amazing how a virus can spread throughout a region like whatever this is. Amazing.


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