Tough Times

Life may sometimes seem unfair, but God is good all the time! -- Pastor Albert Franklin Campbell, Sr.

Sis. M.R. is one of the people I remember with great fondness from when I was at North Church before in the capacity as associate pastor. She is a great cook! And even after leaving North and going to Macedonia, I remember several occasions where she and her daughter and son-in-law would stop at Macedonia for a Wednesday night prayer meeting so as to not have to go all the way to North Philly from Bear, Delaware.

She got sick just a little while before I arrived. She has been sick ever since. I mean sick . . . in the hospital kinda sick.

And then a couple of weeks ago while she was in the hospital sick, her husband was found deceased in his apartment. This is rough stuff! So she was released from the hospital. And a couple of days later she was attending her husband's funeral.

Got through that then I get a call a few days after the funeral that she's back in the hospital. In ICU! Oh goodness!

Finally, I got a message tonight that she is doing better and has been released from ICU into a regular room.


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