Maybe I'm getting old and becoming 'old-fashioned'

I'm reading Acts of the Apostles in preparation for
this Sabbath's message and came across the following quote
on page 212:

"This woman [the woman possessed of a spirit of
divination] was a special agent of Satan and had
brought to her masters much gain by soothsaying. Her
influence had helped to strengthen idolatry. Satan
knew that his kingdom was being invaded, and he
resorted to this means of opposing the work of God,
hoping to mingle his sophistry with the truths taught
by those who were proclaiming the gospel message."

Gentlemen, remember that she was saying, "These men
are the servants of the most high God, which show unto
us the way of salvation."What I'm tripping about is that the chick was telling
the truth, yet she was an agent of Satan. Satan let's
the girl say the right things so she can keep working
on his devilish stuff.

And what struck me is the alliances that some of our
gospel artists have made with secular artists. Secular
artists who say/sing truth while collaborating on the
gospel song, but who continue (like Satan wanted this
woman to keep practicing divination) to sing profane
things on their secular albums.It was a parallel too strong to not share.


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