Pros and Cons of Starting a Second Service

Talking with a close colleague in pastoral ministry about the pros and cons of starting a second service. He is filled to capacity and it's time to do something.

1. Target two different populations (ministry for youth and ministry for adults)
2. Internally does scratch where my people personally itch
3. Help reduce alienation one gets from older group
4. Allows to further target young adults. Can bring in bass guitarist more easily

1. If you start, you must continue.
2. Potentially increases gap between seniors and young adults
3. Could unduly affirm conviction of seniors

Change does not happen without loss


The Insider said…
1. allows (forces) more people to minister.
2. moves a church from stretched cell to multi-cell.
3. all the benefits of planting a church with 10% of the trouble.
4. will result in almost immediate 20-30% growth.

People will often resist because they "won't be able to see everyone" each week (they'll have eternity in heaven to see everyone).

Unfortunately, the real reason for internal resistance is that a small group of people can't hold all power in a multi-cell situation. That is a good thing. But it is painful to power brokers.

I'm saddened to see that worship style and age has so much to do with starting a second service. It should really be about expanding the Kingdom of God.

Some good resources on going multi-service:
How to Start a New Service by Charles Arn
One Size Doesn't Fit All by Gary L. McIntosh
When NOT to Build by Bowman and Hall

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