Farmland Bought up by Developers

Yesterday I went to my parents' home with Evelyn to drop Spencer off for a few days. Feeling somewhat reflective, I drove the route that my late best friend Charles and I used to ride by bicycle back and forth to each others' homes around Andrews Lake. Of course, many homes had been built along that route since we rode it years ago.

As I drove to my parents' home from the other side (I do not usually come to their home from that direction) I noticed that there are three homes where there used to be nothing but an empty field. They are large homes. When we went inside and started talking with my parents, my dad said that two of those homes were for sale for $400,000. Four hundred thousand dollars!?! Since when did property in Frederica, Delaware sell for almost a half million dollars?!

I went out to snap a few pictures. The guys were working on the house right next to my dad's putting on some siding. We chatted, I from the road, they from the rooftop. And one of the workers told me that they are about to build 300 new homes on one of the fields on Midstate Road.

It is inevitable. Farmland everywhere can't always remain farmland or there would be very few places on which to build. But I just hate the fact that part of what made where my parents moved so peaceful was the fact that everybody had space around their homes. Whether your house was large or small, you had a little land for your kids to run around and enjoy with a level of privacy. It seems that day is quickly coming to an end. And I, for one, regret it.


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