Dad's Garden

My best childhood friend, Charles Adison Gibbs, was funeralized on Sunday. It was a wonderful celebration of the life of a really good man. He will be sorely missed. Charles drew people from everywhere: friends from growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist in the Delaware Valley, friends from Faith Elementary Christian School, friends from Pine Forge Academy, friends from his days with the Del State University Gospel Choir, friends from his studio recording days and still more friends!

One of the good things about these events is that you are reconnected with old friends. I saw several. But here's a pic of two that I snapped: Tawana Steele and Melvina Jones.

After the funeral, I went down to my parents' home to hang out. Ev, Spence and I ended up spending the night. But, of course, Dad had to take us around the property to look at his flowers, trees and vegetable garden. He's got some nice tulips coming up. He pulled several from different places on the property and gave them to Evelyn. Next time you get a chance, look deeply into the center of a tulip. You will be amazed at what the Creator has done. Look for the hexagon. It's perfect EVERY time!

We had a nice time visiting with them. It's a blessing to have two wonderful parents living . . . and still together!


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