Teshorn Jackson

This was a special Sabbath for me. Last night before turning in I checked my Facebook messages and saw that one of my favorite photographers was letting me know that he was going to be at church today. When I stood up to greet the congregation and welcome our guests, sure enough, he was there (with a camera in his hand)! lol

What's the big deal?! Well, Chip Dizard introduced me to his Black Wedding Photographers network a few years ago. And I have admired not only his exceptional skills as a photographer, but also his talent as a teacher and his entrepreneurial prowess as business person. The brother is excellent at what he does! He's inspiring!

So I thank God for the three men who responded to the appeal to join the church today. I am grateful for the referrals from It Is Written that I was able to pass on to Elder Morris McPherson, who is doing a yeoman's job as our church Bible worker. I am grateful for a clerk staff that has functioned in the absence of the head clerk who is overseas attending to her mother, for a head deacon that takes initiative, and, and, and, and ….

What a day! What a mighty good day. And when we left, I was able to just be with my family without serious interruption. (Got a few calls, but not too many.)


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