Gun Control Laws: No Assault Weapons for Sale

Does anybody remember the rationale for the padded cell? People who are out of their right minds are a danger to themselves and others. They were put in straitjackets and held in padded cells because without restraint, they would hurt themselves and/or others.

Today more mentally ill people are a part of mainstream society. There are less mental hospitals. And at the same time, there is easier access to assault weapons. Friends, the mentally insane don't need to be armed with knives or guns. 

Some just don't want any gun control at all. And I've heard someone brought up a case of a mentally insane murderer in China who used a knife to kill multiple people as justification for not limiting access to assault weapons in the US. This isn't about second amendment rights, this is about common sense! 

We need to talk more about mental illness AND  we need sensible gun control laws. It's not "either-or" it's "both-and." 

With gun-control...
#1 People might actually duke it out (like they used to) rather than have a shoot out. O for a return to those days! You might have lost a tooth, but you didn't lose your life! So, for a brief moment, let's not even consider the mass murders and just acknowledge that less people would get killed in cities like Philadelphia if we had sensible gun-control laws. 

#2. Less people would get killed when the mentally insane person is determined to "go postal."I know you can't stop him, but you can minimize the damage he can cause. Time is a factor in these mass murders. The gunmen know this. They try to kill as many as they can before they know that they will be killed by law enforcement. If their gun only fires one bullet at a time, the carnage, the body count, the death toll can at least be reduced.


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