Eastwood Debacle: Indication that Romney is Still Not Ready

RNC just ended. I watched some of the speeches. Of course, I wanted to hear what presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had to say.

But most interesting was to see and hear actor Clint Eastwood ramble for 12 or 13 minutes in a disrespectful diatribe about the President of the United States. (His vulgar insinuation I shall not attempt to reenact or recreate. Google it. I'm sure it's all over the net.)

What strikes me is how such a bumbling mistake could be made. Mitt wants to run the nation where he will make decisions on whether to take us to war or not, what to do about the economy with its variegated issues of unemployment, housing, etc., but he couldn't run his own convention.

How in the world do you let that happen?! This is the culmination of your convention. You are building to the crescendo of your own scripted show among people who will cheer and clap for you if you stand on one leg and bark like a dog. You have total control here. These conventions aren't like they used to be. You had it in the bag before the opening gavel. THIS IS YOUR SHOW. How did you mess up like this?!

I can only conclude one of two things:

1.) Mitt ain't really runnin' the show. He's not running it now; and he won't be running it should he actually get to the Oval Office. (Heaven forbid!) His own party members have only given him lackluster support up to the convention. The primary showed us they wanted anybody but Mitt. But the other contenders shot themselves in the foot one by one: Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich.

If we let this guy get into the White House, we may be in for another Bush-Cheyney one-two punch where the VP is actually running the show.

That would be like a Friday the 13th sequel 'cause Congressman Ryan is one scary character.

2.) If Mitt isn't running the show, then putting the 82-year old off script Clint Eastwood up shortly before he was to deliver his acceptance speech tells me something else: Mitt lacks good judgment.

And if the man lacks good judgment, he does NOT need to be the POTUS. There are entirely too many critical issues that the President of the United States must decide. If you don't have sense enough to know that Clint Eastwood rambling and suggesting vulgar behaviors is a "No-No," I certainly don't think you have sense enough to be the leader of the free world.

Mitt, you have accused the President of lacking leadership of the country. How about you lead your own convention?


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