One Interesting Election Season

This has been one interesting presidential election season so far. Mitt Romney is the heir apparent, but many Republicans don't want him.

We have witnessed the "anybody but Mitt" sentiment as flavour of the month has risen and fallen. We had Governor Rick Perry who couldn't articulate his platform because he couldn't name the federal agencies he would keep and get rid of. Then we had former CEO Herman Cain who (apparently) couldn't keep his ... in his ... (you figure it out). Then Newt Gingrich who can't keep his foot out of his big mouth rose AND FELL. Sen. Rick Santorum was up next. But his veiled racist comments only gave him a few days. Now after New Hampshire, the 76-year old (Yes, I said it. He will be O-L-D if he ever steps foot into the Oval Office. And say nothing of reelection prospects) Congressman Ron Paul was talking last night to his bong smoking supporters as if he won the primary.

The Republicans don't want Mitt. And I am glad they don't. When the general election rolls around, I predict that the independent voters will remember how the man the Republicans are putting up as their nominee is someone the Republicans themselves don't like.

Thanks GOP for turning on each other and beating the snot out of each other for all of us to see. Democrats don't have to spend a dime. You're doing all the dirty work.

I'm looking forward to a Barack vs. Mitt matchup. Obama is the very definition of moderate. If the Republicans really want to win the White House, they don't need someone like President Obama. Mitt ain't better at being Obama than Obama! Their best bet would have been Newt Gingrich. He's a narcissistic egomaniac, but he is smart. And, as much as I hate to admit it, he could actually govern.

It ain't gonna happen with Mitt.

President Obama's approval rating may be low. But if they don't like Obama a little bit, the Republicans have shown the country that they don't like their own soon-to-be nominee A LOT.


Belle said…
I really enjoyed reading this. I'm so thankful, but also not surprised, the Republicans couldn't find a good candidate. These guys are a gift to the Democrats. They are also frightening.

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