Oakwood's Next President is...

My alma mater, Oakwood University, is in the final stages of their search for a president. Their immediate past president, Dr. Delbert Baker, was elected and accepted a post to be one of the vice presidents of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; hence, the vacancy.

I had occasion to be in Huntsville for a meeting that had been scheduled from the beginning of 2010. It just happened to coincide with the three finalists meeting with students and faculty.

The search committee designed it so that the three candidates would meet with the students first. (They met with faculty on the following day.) I took my seat in the balcony of the University Church where the forum was being held. I listened with rapt attention as the three candidates interacted with the students.

The forum was conducted by the United Student Movement. It was presided over by the USM president.

Each candidate came out and had five minutes to make an "opening statement." Then the academic vice president asked them a set of prepared questions. The students were then permitted to ask questions as long as they wrote them down. (That was a screening process of sorts.) One of the USM officers named Mark then read the questions to the candidate. I think the candidate had one to two minutes to respond.

The three candidates were Bertram Melbourne, Gina Brown and Leslie Pollard. They presented in that order.

Download bios of the three finalists here Candidate bios


Delroy said…
Is there going to be a continuation of this post? I'm waiting with bated breath!
Delroy, I DEFINITELY have an opinion. But I figured I should just share the info with those who couldn't be there like I was.

I will say this, the bios are telling. The interviews were much like the bios.
Thank you for posting this pastor. I was able to view each candidate via live streaming on Oakwood University's website. Do you know when the official announcement will be made?

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