Arrived in Singapore

It's just after midnight. Pastor Charlie Oh was at the airport to pick us up and bring us to the Hotel Royal here in Singapore just on the perimeter of the CBD (central business district).
The flight was fine. I think I liked flying United Airlines better than flying Delta this long a distance. The Singapore Adventist Mission had ordered us vegan meals. The first was good. It was rice with mixed vegetables with some tomato sauce. The second meal (breakfast) was a bust. It was some kind of cream of wheat like cereal with golden raisins in it with a bunch of fruit with coconut all through it. Trust me, even if it sounds good, reheated cream of wheat that looks like it was served with an ice cream scoop is not a delight to the tastebuds. The final snack was cool. It was some kind of vegetarian wrap.
We got a good meal on our layover in Hong Kong. Found a place that made a great vegetable fried rice and noodles. VERY satisfying meal.
The hotel is okay. I'd give it 2.5 stars. It's clean, but a little dated. Wall paper isn't lying flat against the walls in the rooms anymore. Looks like they have a live-in maintenance guy who gets things repaired, but not always concerned about how things look when he's finished his job. The public portions of the hotel are nice though.
The pastor is going to pick us up tomorrow for lunch at 11 a.m. He has a schedule made out and everything. They are going to have a dry run of Friday night's program tomorrow evening. I'm not crazy about that, but at least I'll get to interact with some folk early. (I just hope they don't think I'm really going to preach the sermon I plan to do Friday night tomorrow night. I'll clarify that with him tomorrow at lunch.)
Well, praise the Lord we're here. I'm paying $2 Singapore dollars to be online for 15 minutes. (The exchange rate is $1 US to $1.40 Singapore.)
Keep us in prayer!


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