Moments that Give Life Meaning

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I was tired that day. I had had a long Saturday. My Sunday had begun early. And was not going to end until 8:30. But my sister's daughter's birthday party was that afternoon . . . in Dover.

My niece is 6 months older than my firstborn son Spencer. She can be rough on him, but he loves her dearly. So, of course, there's no way they were going to miss that party. I promised Spencer and Winston that I was coming to the party. "Yay! Daddy's coming!" was the response.

As the time for my departure to make the almost 2-hour trip drew closer I delayed and delayed. "I don't just have to drive to the party! I've got to drive back from the party. And still keep my evening appointment," I dreaded.

But I gave my word. So I jumped in the car to make the trip. Ev had gone ahead and was going to stay behind so that the boys wouldn't be rushed to leave when I had to leave.

Once I was there setting up "bowling pins" in my sister's backyard and being Spencer's "cheerleader" as he interacted with the other kids at the party, I couldn't have been more satisfied that that day, I made the right decision to be there. And it was the most meaningful thing I did all weekend.


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