Palin thinks she wants to be Miss America

I'm sitting here watching the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. She answers the questions as if she's trying to become Miss America. You know how they walk across the stage in their evening gowns and then they are asked a question? Yeah, that's how she's answering the questions! Sometimes the answers to those questions don't make any sense to me when I hear them. And Sarah is choosing to not even answer some of the questions that she is asking.

Can someone PLEASE tell Sarah Palin and George W. Bush that the word is nuclear and NOT nucular!?

I'm listening to Joe Biden respond to questions. I'm also listening to Sarah Palin answer questions. Has anyone noticed that his answers actually make sense?! This lady is often rambling. She is NOT concrete. And I don't want to hear another reference to "hockey moms." For one thing, I don't know a whole lot of hockey moms.


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