Character Studies on the Train

Intriguing is how I would describe taking the train.

One lady, obviously coming from church, was just a nasty character. She is African-American. There was a Caucasian man who must have attempted to clear his nose of some mucus. She jumped up all loud and ran to another seat shouting, "That man all diggin' in his nose gonna come try to sit by me! Un uh!".

A few blocks later we saw a young African-American woman outside the bus transferring platic bottles from a bag to a designated recycling bin. She proceeded to school another African-American gentleman (who she obviously knew) on what does and does not need to be recycled. She pointed to the girl trying to be environmentally responsible, "See that? See what she doin'? We ain't got to do all that. We just put the garbage out."

The last little incident was as I was boarding the BSS (Broad Street Subway). A midget was selling books and chocolates with a taller African-American sidekick. He parroted: "Get something to read. Get something to eat. Get something to read. Get something to eat." He said it to me. He said it to every person who came down the steps to the platform to board the train. When he said it to the church lady she said, "No! I don't want any! I told you I didn't want any yesterday! I don't want any today!" Ah! What a witness for the church she was!

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