Posted Mar 31st 2008 5:17PM by Alexis Stodghill
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By Alexis Stodghill, BlackVoices.com

A friend of my contact sent her these documents with the note:

"President Clinton and Rev. Jeremiah Wright... at White House breakfast during the 'Monica Mess.' I have no problem with Rev. Wright. I do have a problem with Clintonian hypocrisy."

Not just anyone gets invited to a White House breakfast where they can shake the hand of the President. These events are carefully engineered to curry favor with people politicos think can help them.

Hillary may not have chosen Wright to be her pastor, yet her husband chose to cultivate a relationship with Rev. Wright during his presidency. This fact seems to have vanish ed from Hillary's memory as she delivered her recent round of sound bites, criticizing Obama for his past relationship to Wright.

Sounds very similar to her "I was shot at in Bosnia" way of thinking.

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