Flip the page...

Seven months. Actually, almost eight months. What a journey this has been.

I felt as if I was falling slowly from a high tree. My back was to the ground. And it was as if it was all happening in slow motion so that I would feel the full impact when my body connected with the ground. Ah! It's been a journey, I say!

When I stop to think of how things could have ended up . . . I just have to thank Him with my whole heart. There are so many pieces that comprise my life. And at one point it seemed as if every single one of those pieces was out of order. And I didn't have the presence of mind to even make an honest attempt at pulling those pieces together.

God evenually gave me peace. And then He blessed one situation after the other. Ah! He's a mighty, mighty God!

Here were are ready to flip the page! Are you ready to flip the page? I don't know about you, but I'm ready to flip that page!!! Let's close this chapter. And I don't want to write another one anything even similar to this one!


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