MyRon Preaching for Baccalaureate

Okay y'all, MyRon preached a classic today. It shall go down in history as one of THE best baccalaureate sermons of Oakwood's history (in my humble opinion). He used Jesus as the epitome of what it means to live a successful life. AND IT WAS POWERFUL. Well done, MyRon! I'm just glad to be able to honestly say that I know him personally.

It was a powerful sermon from Matthew 3. He was saying that Jesus, more than anybody else, more than the Apostle Paul, more than Ellen White, should be our model for success. (Of course, he's speaking to graduates who are about to try to make their way in life.) Jesus was 33 years old and still living at home when he started his public ministry. By the world's standards, he may not rank too successful. But he contends that Jesus is the most successful person that ever lived. He then gave five clarifications of success from the life of Jesus.

1. Our upbringing is never to be an excuse for failure. No matter where we came from (Jesus came from the lineage of Solomon who had many wives, David who was an adulterer, Judah and other scoundrels in his family line). Our past does not dictate our future.

2. Jesus valued worshiping God more than he valued professionalism.

3. Jesus had a balanced life. Education is not just about making money; it's about character development. The world has taught us that education is about positioning yourself to be financially secure. True education is the harmonious development of mind, body and soul. His challenge was to be sure you grow socially and spiritually. People need to be able to have character.

4. Jesus was more committed to his mission than his profession.
Many have mastered their profession, but they lack a sense of calling over their lives. If a person gets sick when their profession is everything, they are in trouble. Our "calling" should be greater than our profession. Daniel was a statesman, but he's not in Scripture because of that; rather because he was a servant of God. Paul, a tentmaker, but that wasn't why he was in Scripture. Esther was a queen, but she was there because she was called to serve God for "such a time."

5. Jesus was constantly seeking to please God.
Jesus was not concerned about his reputation. The Father said, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

It was a classic.


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