T.D. Jakes Addresses Violence in Philadelphia

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T.D. Jakes was in Philadelphia on Sunday night and Monday. He was brought in by a consortium of preachers to bring the Christian community together to develop a plan to counteract this wave of violence that has overtaken our city.

He said many things with which I agreed. But the point that sticks out in my mind most significantly was the relationship between justice and peace. There can be no peace without justice.

He challenged us to hold our civic leaders accountable for bringing the perpetrators of crime to justice. He said that if folk on the other side of the train tracks had 103 unsolved murders, there would be an outcry and those perpetrators would be brought to justice. By not insisting that we do a better job of solving these crimes, the message is being sent out that Black life (as most of the crimes are Black-on-Black crimes) is not as valuable as other lives.

He said a lot, but I connected with that the most. It just makes sense.


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