Simple Can be Really Good

I've got to admit it -- I like the newest, the freshest, the latest most techno-cool devices that the market produces, e.g. the new iPhone set to be released by Apple, Inc. in June. In many sad ways, I too am a product of the incessant marketing ploys of our capitalistic society.

I enjoy eating at fine restaurants with desktop published laminated menus. I love listening to music piped through high fidelity speaks undergirded by the deep bass tones of a subwoofer. I like the cream of the crop.

The creme de la creme is often quite expensive.

Last night I had to pick up a few items from Target. I walked down an aisle and saw some crock pots. Crock pot! Haven't used a crock pot in years. There were several crock pots for sale. I decided that we needed a crock pot. It was a cold January night. And I was in the mood for some stew. I grabbed the $19.99 Rival brand crock pot and checked out with the other items on my list. I ran across the street to the Shop-Rite and got a few veggies and some Morningstar Farms meal starters.

When I came home I washed the veggies, chopped them up and tossed them in the crock pot turning it on low.

Do you know that those vegetables had the house smelling GREAT?! And when it came time to remove the top, stir and serve my concoction, it was a delight to our tastebuds.

I started thinking about how simple and inexpensive that meal was. Simple. Not halibut flown in from Nebraska; just some vegetables from a Jersey farm. And it was good. Indeed, simple can be really good.


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