Christmas in Atlanta with Skoog and Marla

12.24.06 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We were scheduled to leave by 3 p.m. I had a wedding to do. Things went on time as planned, but it took us a little longer to get things loaded in the car than anticipated. Our original plan was to drive seven hours and then get a hotel. But since we left so late, we figured we'd keep driving if we could. I got tired right about midnight. Evelyn drove for the next 1.5/2.0 hours. I got a second wind and we drove on in.

Just about an hour out of ATL Winston had a big blowout (a major boo-boo diaper). That slowed us down some. But we arrived just after 9 a.m. Praise the LORD for His safe traveling mercies.

12.25.06 Atlanta, Georgia

It was Christmas Day and we had a really nice gathering. The following were in attendance: Uncle Booker and Aunt Audrey. Lisa Lester and her daughter Nia Zhane. Wayne Washington, his mother Eulo Jo Washington, his sister Wanda and Wanda's husband Travis. Puck and Jenny and their boys Pace, Pax and Price. The hosts Skoog and Marla. Evelyn's parents Walter and Shirley Fordham. Marla's mom who lives downstairs. Marla's two sisters Lysa and Kyna. One of my old Pine Forge Academy classmates Margo Lawrence. Wayne brougth over three friends at one point. And, of course, Evelyn, the boys Jabber and Squeaky and myself. Nice crowd.


We went to take pictures at the Sears Portrait studio in this ghetto mall call Union Station. The girl was late opening up the store. But she was nice. Her manager came in significantly after that. I was snapping some candids of the grandchildren while we waited for things to get rolling. The lady came out and told me that I wasn't allowed to take photographs in the studio. That didn't make a lot of sense to me considering that I was taking pictures in the lobby/reception area and NOT one of the two studios. There were a few more cute moments, but they are missed as I had to put my camera away.

Despite the fact that she couldn't think that the rules are for the place where the actual picutres are taken and not for the reception area, doesn't negate that she actually has in innate sense to "pull the trigger" at the right moment.

After pictures, he had been promised pizza if he did well. He did well, so we went to get some pizza at an entertainment place that's like an outdoor carnival inside.


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