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It is so easy to take the blessings of life for granted. The things that enrich our lives are often so constant that we don't even pause to think of them. And to thank God for them.

Al and Jayne Johnson are two great friends. And they are OUR friends. I mean, we like the couple and they like us. No, I'm not saying they like us more than they like any other couple. (I think that something may be problematic about that kind of zero-sum thinking that demands that I be your favorite otherwise there's no value in our relationship.) But I like both of them.

Al is my boy. We go back to my first year at Pine Forge Academy. That's ninth grade for me! In fact, the name of this blog is named after a group of friends that first formulated at Pine Forge: James Alfred "Al" Johnson, III, Melvin James Bray, III, Sheldon Uriah Kay, myself and we had an honorary female member -- April Lauren Banks who is an architect and designer today.

We've known Jayne since we were at Oakwood when she and Al hooked up. Most folk can attest to the fact that there are times when you like only one of the people in a couple, and avoid hanging out with the person you like because you don't feel the same way about the person's spouse as they do. But that's not the case with the Johnsons. No! No! They're both awesome people!

We had a chance to hang out. We talked about different restaurants to go check out. Finally, we settled on going to 30th Street Station and getting some Delilah's Soul Food. No waiters. No concierge. No booths. We got our food, took it to a sitting area, and had a great time.

Life has changed for us since we first began to hang out. Evelyn has taught in traditional public schools and charter schools. She also has a master's degree in education with an emphasis on special education. Jayne has a law degree and has taught at the University level. Al has also taught at the university level. And we have children now.

Jaelyn and our second son Winston are just months apart. And our son Spencer is their godson. It's just interesting to reflect upon how life progresses. We're sitting around that table and Spencer is running around the table. And who would have imagined that particular moment years before when Evelyn and Al were serving in student government at Pine Forge Academy?!

I would be writing a very long time if I were to tell you the kind of sacrifice Al and Jayne have made for our family. These people are our friends. And I thank God for them. I adore Jaelyn just because she is the offspring of these great people! Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of real fellowship.


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