Got teeth pulled today

I knew I had a dental appointment scheduled for today. But I did not realize that my dentist was trying to do two
cavities today. When he got to the 2nd cavity in the
rear left wisdom tooth, the decay was too severe to
actually fix. Since it is a wisdom tooth, we made the
decision to pull it. And since he was pulling one and
I would need the other removed in order to get the
implant, we decided to go ahead and pull the other
one. But both teeth were hard to pull. He ended up
grinding away bone to get out the one where I’m
getting (hopefully) an implant.

The bleeding was excessive, so they had to put me back
in the chair and regauze me. They called the pharmacy
directly instead of having me take the script over so
they could observe me a little longer. They asked me
if I took aspirin or some blood thinner daily because
it was bleeding pretty badly for a while. But, in
hindsight, it was probably the combined bleeding of
two openings where teeth had been that was the cause
of all the blood.

I have advice: FLOSS DAILY or else . . .


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