Spencer's 2nd Birthday

Would you believe that yesterday was Spencer's 2nd birthday! My! How time flies. He's gotten to be such a big boy.

I went to get my haircut early yesterday morning because we were taking a family photo on his 2nd birthday along with his 2nd year photos. While I was at the shop Evelyn called me and told me that the Sesame Street episode (he watches Sesame Street daily from 10 am to 11 am) was on birthdays.

And then his little devotional book was also about birthdays. And she said at one point Spencer started humming the tune to himself, "Happy Birthday to you/Happy birthday to you/Happy birthday dear . . ."

I thought those were some special things that happened on his little second birthday.

He's beginning to speak. He's got quite a few words in his little vocabulary. Everything begins, "Duh duh duh juice." Or "Duh duh duh cup." But he pronounces his consonant sounds at the end of words very well.

Last night we ended his birthday at Champps Sports Restaurant. He had pizza from Sbarro's because he was so hungry, so he and I ate that in the mall hallway and then went into Champps to sit down. The waitress, of course, loved him.

As we headed home he just kept saying two of his favorite words, "Mommy! Daddy daddy! Mommy! Daddy daddy!" I looked over my should and saw him beginning to get sleepy. His eyes got heavy. When he noticed I looked at him, "Mommy! Daddy daddy! Mommy! Daddy daddy!" And then he fell asleep.

I guess he was just checking to be sure that we were still there. And in that childlike confidence and security that we children of God should have, he fell asleep knowing that he was safe in our care.


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