Democrats Who Voted for John Roberts

Here is a list of Democrats who voted for the confirmation of John Roberts. Please note that John Roberts wasn't even a Supreme Court Justice. He is now the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. This is so in keeping with Bush's own ascension to power as an "outside" without experience doing his job. It is in keeping with his appointment of one incompetent Mike Brown who headed up FEMA and is now blaming the Mayor of New Orleans for the catastrophe his ineptitude aggravated.

Just figured you may be interested to know which Democrats voted in this evasive-answering John Roberts.

1. Max Baucus, Montana
2. Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico
3. Robert Byrd, West Virginia
4. Kent Conrad, North Dakota
5. Tom Carper, Delaware
6. Christopher Dodd, Connecticut
7. Byron Dorgan, North Dakota
8. Russ Feingold, Wisconsin
9. Tim Johnson, South Dakota
10. Herb Kohl, Wisconsin
11. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
12. Patrick Leahy, Vermont
13. Carl Levin, Michigan
14. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut
15. Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas
16. Patty Murray of Washington
17. Ben Nelson, Nebraska
18. Bill Nelson, Florida
19. Mark Pryor, Arkansas
20. Ken Salazar, Colorado
21. Roy Wyden, ,Oregon

The Independent Jeff Jeffords (Vermont) also voted for Roberts.

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