What ever happened to the community?

Attended a board of control meeting for the Chester-Upland School district tonight. Whew! This stuff is so deep.

First, the parents and other concerned persons need leadership. They go to the mic, frustrated and with lists of four or five things. They ask legitimate questions and then they don't wait for answers.

And the chairman, Michael F.X. Gillin, isn't interested in helping those concerned get the answers to their questions. Who is writing down the questions that are being asked? And at what point are those questions going to get answered? They need somebody like a lawyer to speak on their behalf. They need some follow through.

It just makes me tired to see good questions get asked, but go unanswered because the folk who asked them keep talking before allowing the person they have just so beautifully put on the spot give an answer.

Adriene Irving, though physically beautiful, leaves much to be desired in her attitude. (I'm speaking now of how she comes across to those who ask her questions.) You know, I don't make excuses for public personalities that don't know how to be statesmanlike. I make no excuses for Al Gore's sighs, George Bush's looks of disgust or Adriene Irving's refusal to answer legitimate questions because she would rather you have called her and asked that question by telephone. It's just UNACCEPTABLE.

But back to the point of this entry. I don't understand why so many of us are so quick to sell out on our communities. I kept hearing Charter School supporters talking about getting a good education for their children. Well, what about the rest of the children in Chester?! So you get lucky and win a lottery and get into a charter school. Is your kid all that matters?! I think you'd better be concerned about the kids who don't make it. What are they going to do with their frustrated lives when they can't keep a job because of plant closings and the like?

You ought to worry about it.


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