Stephen Covey wrote in the book entitled First Things First "so often the enemy of best is good."

It's so true! We often think only in terms of good and evil. But there are times when there are two apparently good choices that lay before us. The difference is where those choices end up taking us. One good choice can make you president within an organization. Another choice can make you a leader is civic affairs. Which one is better?

And this is where I believe that God sometimes gives us the power to choose. What is it that we want? What are the desires of your heart? What fire burns within your bosom? We fear making a choice. We'd rather have it made for us. But sometimes I believe the best choice when God has given you several options, is the one you really want.

Has God given you a burning passion for the organization? Then ascend the ladder within the organization so you can effect change for good within that organization. Has God given you a passion for the community? Then get out there are make a difference like Nehemiah did, like Daniel did, like Joseph did!


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