350 Tons of Explosives Missing?!?

Do you remember the comment that John Kerry made about the Vice President's gay daughter in the third Presidential debate? Do you remember how that hung in the news for days following the debate? There were questions regarding whether or not that comment would hurt Kerry in the election.

I wonder if the media is going to give as much attention to a REAL issue. The charge is that the President didn't have enough troops to guard 350 tons of explosives in Iraq. And guess what?! -- Those explosives are now missing.

Bush knows how to make us feel more secure doesn't he? We were supposed to be welcomed as liberators, weren't we? Now we have lost over 1,000 soldiers. The situation is worsening to the extent that journalists are now pulling out of Iraq because things are just that unstable.

I am fearful that anybody who ignores these and so many other facts that show the incompetence of this President and still votes Republican in the Presidential race must be a candidate for a brain transplant.


Dave said…
One is only brain dead if they do not look further into the "facts" to find out that the explosives in question were actually missing BEFORE the U.S. invasion of Iraq. This little "October Surprise" has in a matter of hours been discredited, just like the CBS memos. Is it important to acknowledge that explosives such as these are missing? You bet it is. But to blame the Bush administration for it is disingenuous.
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How do these Bush lovers continue to defend this assumption that the explosives were missing BEFORE the U.S. invasion of Iraq? We have SEEN footage that says exactly the opposite. Please, let us not forget the embedded reported who SEES and SHOWS us the U.N. Seal!

I just do not understand this behavior. Some people will defend just about every action of the President even when he is proven wrong.

Furthermore, everything in Dan Rather's CBS investigation was not incorrect. But Dan Rather was big enough to not confuse the issue with his need to apologize for what was wrong in his report. Yet, there was truth in much of his reporting.

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