Another Day of Work

It's Tuesday and my week formally begins again. I basically work Tuesdays through Saturdays with Sundays and Mondays being my lighter days. Truth be told, I'm still working on Sundays and Mondays at least a little bit whether it be for board meeting or phone calls or e-mails or WHATEVER. So, then I take Thursday evenings for myself as well if I am able.

I'm not really looking forward into going into that office today, but I know I need to get this "PLEASE POST" job announcement sent off to the Christian churches in the region because I desperately need an administrative assistant. Also, I need to prepare for Bible class, so I really need to get in there. Nicole called to set up an appointment. She should be coming by at noon for a meeting, presumably on the Learning Center that we hope to establish.

Also, it's getting near that time to talk to Esposito again to see how much he thinks he can do the recreational center for.

O! I also need to talk to Macky today. And Lance Claiborne, the real estate agent about some properties the church has talked about purchasing.

The more I type, the sooner I need to get into that office! My goodness!!! I'VE GOT WORK TO DO!!!


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