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Dear Reluctant Leader, Are you ready to step to the fore and take your position yet? Or do you want to keep feigning humility as if you don't have what it takes? Are you content to stay in the background and "wait your turn" while incompetent, short-sighted so-called leaders sit where you should be sitting? You good with them lickin' the sweets and running the organization down while you politely wait for them to call you up? You do know that what you are waiting on may not exist when they finally hand it to you? When it's so sick, so spent, so bereft of its strength that it'll be on life support when they finally give it to you. What are you waiting for? How long will you wait to go ahead and say, I have the vision. I have been given insight for what is needed NOW. What are you waiting for? You can hear the generation behind you crying out for someone to lead them. And you have the wisdom to interact firmly with the generation ahead of you without bras

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