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Adjust and Trust

I went for a run on Wednesday. Kaelyn decided to go with me. She would ride her bike while I ran. There are nice pathways where we live that are designed specifically for runners and bike riders. The one I took is parallel to a pretty busy street. So Kaelyn and I started on our outing together. Knowing that she could ride faster than I run, I told her not to cross intersections without me. She agreed to wait for me to catch up and then we would cross the intersections together. We went two miles. Then we turned around to head home. By now, she’s gotten comfortable. She rode ahead of me. If she were getting further ahead than I was comfortable, I would call out her name and she would stop and wait until I caught up. The last segment of my run has a long stretch. Because there are no intersections, she just kept riding. And as she got further from me I called her name, but she didn’t stop. And then it dawned on me that the cars on the street parallel to the pathway were louder in he

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